New Life Church is a non-denominational church made of loving people from different races, different ages, and different backgrounds. Everyone has a story, and no matter what we look like or where we have come from, the common theme in all our stories is what Christ has done in our lives.


Worship is a special part of New Life Church. We love to worship the Lord, because He is worthy. Because He tells us to in the Bible. And because we are transformed in His presence.  Our worship would be considered "contemporary", but the most important aspect of our worship is not the length, the sound, or the song... it's the heart. 


We believe the Word of God has always been and will always be relevant. Therefore, we don't need to "water down the Gospel". Rather, we preach the Truth of the Word of God, which is not designed to tickle one's ears but to transform one's life.


New Life is a family church. That sense of "family" is evident from the minute you walk in the door. First-time visitors often tell us they feel "at home" here. We are about strong families, about being a strong church family, and also reaching out to families in need. 


New Life Church is about Receiving the LIFE of God, Living LIFE with others, and Giving LIFE to the world. We invite you to enjoy LIFE with us!