Safety Guidelines

Please review and help us keep everyone safe

We began with the understanding that our motivation is to

love our neighbor as ourselves. We want to do unto others

as we would have them do unto us; this means we want to

look out not only for ourselves but for all of our brothers

and sisters in the Lord.

1. If you have been sick in the last 48 hours before a church gathering, please stay home and enjoy our online streaming of the service. If you are sick and need prayer, please let us know and we will arrange to come and pray with you if you would like.

2. If you are currently battling an illness that doctors would describe as underlying conditions (meaning that you are at a higher risk if you were to contract the COVID-19 virus) please consider joining us online for the live stream of the service. If you would like a visit from the pastor, it can be arranged.


3. Hand washing is a major key. We have soap and water available in our bathrooms. We will have hand sanitizer available as well. We want to try to touch as few things as possible in our time together. This means we must refrain from handshakes during this season.


4. We will be practicing social distancing until this crisis comes to an end. That means we will be doing our best to stand and sit 6 feet apart if at all possible. It will also mean we will have to save our hugs for a later time. We believe the day will come when we can be free to give hugs again.


5. In accordance with the governor's request, we ask that everyone wear a mask until seated.  Please also wear a mask when in common areas like foyer and restrooms.

6.  We aren't offering childcare or Sunday school for the time being.  We hope to change that soon.  Until then, we'll all be together through the services.